LumiLIT is a unique creative custom design and paint company specializing in ElectroLuminescent (EL) art and design. From autos & motorcycles to interior design concepts and museum or retail display exhibits ...Life can be LIT.

LumiLIT designs custom paint projects using patented LumiLor™ from Darkside Scientific as well as other materials including EL wire and panels. Beyond custom vehicles, we consult to special projects from LIT exhibits to clubs and retail displays, staging and tour equipment to establish and use the best EL tools and options.

Design, restoration, illumination ...our talented crew will work the best way to light up your vision.

LumiLIT is located in Freeport, Long Island, NY and serves customers looking to GET LIT in the Greater New York area

Custom Design Auto Restoration

Motorcycle Styling
Interior Object Illumination
Call Paul at 917-817-1369 to discuss your project... or email info@lumilit.com with details.  
  We are now scheduling projects for Summer and Fall 2017
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