About LumiLIT

LumiLIT is a creative studio on Long Island, NY with a new custom shop in Freeport. Our uniquely experienced design and shop crews can repair, restore and customize any vehicle and light up virtually any surface. LumiLIT designers produce projects using patented LumiLor™ paint from Darkside Scientific as well as other proven EL and LED materials including wire and panels where most reliable and cost effective.

Light Fantastic is a exhibit design, lighting and creative technology company that has worked with Darkside Scientific since 2012. Our shop is partnered with Reality Motors which is one of the premier automotive restoration and customizing shops in NY. Together we have the ability to take on projectrs of virtually any scale. Our new facility is state of the art and our team consults to clients on special projects to establish the best EL tools and options.

The unique patented LumiLor™ system is a practical and durable multi-layer EL coating technology that lights up brightly when charged with an electrical current. LumiLor’s light can be controlled electronically and can be applied to almost any contour surface. It can cover complex curves and be applied around corners.  Not just for vehicles, LumiLor™ coating can be used to illuminate just about anything from furniture to electronic gear in amazing ways never before possible. Email info@lumilit.com to learn more.

LumiLIT is located in Freeport, Long Island, NY and serves customers looking to GET LIT in the Greater New York area

Custom Design Auto Restoration

Motorcycle Styling
Interior Object Illumination
Call Paul at 917-817-1369 to discuss your project... or email info@lumilit.com with details.  
  We are now scheduling projects for Summer and Fall 2017
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